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COVID-19 Cases and Testing in New Brunswick

With the recent rapid in cases of COVID-19, New Brunswick and Canada’s window to flatten the curve is closing.  The time for all New Brunswickers to act is now.

The National Microbiology Laboratory has completed over 25,000 lab tests to cast the net wide for possible COVID-19 cases among patients with influenza-like illness in clinic settings all the way up to severe respiratory illness in hospitals and even if there is no travel history.

COVID-19 is a serious public health threat. While this disease is particularly serious for older adults and medically vulnerable people, all ages are at risk.

Understanding the curve

In an outbreak the number of confirmed cases is important but the rate at which the number of cases is increasing over time is also important.  This information is plotted into a graph called an epidemic curve.  The horizontal axis is the time cases are confirmed and the vertical access is the number of confirmed cases.  The epidemic curves of outbreaks typically go in big peaks and then come down. Preventative measures can “flatten the curve”.

Actions we can all take to slow spread/reduce impact of COVID-19:

  • postpone or cancel non-essential travel outside of #Canada
  • avoid large gatherings/crowds
  • distance 2 arm lengths from others
  • if needed/possible, work from home

Older adults and those w/ medical condition(s) are at higher risk for severe COVID-19. Practice social distancing and separate yourself from others whenever and wherever you can.

All of us need to take every precaution to protect those at highest risk of severe COVID-19, while at the same ensuring that the most vulnerable among us are fully supported and not isolated.

This is our chance, right here, and right now – we need to act immediately and act together to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 epidemic.


Village of Blackville

Village of Blackville

The village of Blackville is governed by an elected council made up of a mayor and four councillors. Incorporated as a village in 1966, Blackville has a population of 958 and has had a long history related to forestry and salmon fishing.

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