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Now Booking: Register Your Child For Kindergarten

Kindergarten registrations in Anglophone School District North will be occurring between October 12 to October 22, 2021. Registrations this year will be completed by following COVID-19 health protocols. If your child will begin Kindergarten in September 2022, please follow these steps to register:

  •  Contact Blackville School by telephone at 843-2900 this week to make an appointment.
  •  Registration appointments will occur from October 12-22 between 8:30 and 3:00 pm.

At the time of your appointment, you will come to the school to complete registration requirements:

  1.  Provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate
  2.  Provide a copy of your child’s proof of immunization
  3.  Provide a copy of your child’s Medicare card
  • Please note: Access to the school building will not be permitted without an appointment.
  • All health and safety guidelines are in place in ASD-N. All visitors to the school must wear a community mask upon entering the building and follow all Public Health protocols.
Village of Blackville

Village of Blackville

The village of Blackville is governed by an elected council made up of a mayor and four councillors. Incorporated as a village in 1966, Blackville has a population of 958 and has had a long history related to forestry and salmon fishing.

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