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School operational plans available online

FREDERICTON (GNB) – Operational plans for schools across the province will be released today. Parents are encouraged to visit the website of their child’s school or school district for more information.

Blackville School updates:
Anglophone North School District:

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s mandate is to provide students with a high-quality education. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the department has collaborated with Public Health, WorkSafeNB and partners across the education system to develop plans to mitigate health and safety risks to students and staff. Each of the 294 schools in the system has developed individual operational plans taking into consideration their student population and facilities, and in keeping with the specific needs of their community.

The Return to School plan and guides are living documents intended to inform the public on the return to school in September 2020. As new discoveries, research or information becomes available, the directives of government may change and the documents will be updated to reflect these changes.


Full-time learning will continue to be mandatory for all students, whether they are in class or at home. High school students are reminded that virtual attendance will be taken, and they will be expected to collaborate or participate in class virtually when they are learning from home. Individual plans will be developed for vulnerable students on a case-by-case basis.

Reminders for first day of school

Students need to bring two clean face masks to school with them every day and a plastic bag or container to store them in throughout the day when they are not in use. They also need to have a separate bag for used or dirty masks.

Students must be screened for symptoms before they leave for school in the morning. If they are sick, they must stay home.

As usual, families can expect schools to have staggered start times between Sept. 8 and 11. Times for drop-off or pick-up and school bus schedules may be different. School will communicate procedures directly to families. If families have questions, they should contact their child’s school or the school district.


Families are encouraged to be kind and patient with one another, as well as with members of the education system throughout the coming year. Students and staff should focus on their own role and behaviours in contributing to a safe and healthy learning environment.

Educators will work with students to reinforce healthy practices and behaviours, such as cough or sneeze etiquette, hand washing and mask use. Families are encouraged to be role models of healthy behaviours. This includes staying active, creating a culture of respect and mindfulness at home and supporting mental health.

The department will continue to work with Public Health, educators, schools and school districts in the coming months. Families will be provided with updated information throughout the school year through the department and school districts.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has released a detailed parent and public guide supporting the Return to School: September 2020plan for the public-school system.

The Return to School: Guide for Parents and the Public provides a detailed overview of what students, parents and guardians need to know before returning to school in September. Return to School: Direction for School Districts and Schools outlines the requirements schools and school districts must meet while developing their COVID-19 operational plans, which will be made available to parents. It works in conjunction with Public Health guidance to the department and may be changed based upon the evolution of the pandemic.

Parents with questions about the Return to School plan can email . For questions about the Laptop Subsidy Program, parents can call 1-833-901-1963 or email . 03-09-20

Village of Blackville

Village of Blackville

The village of Blackville is governed by an elected council made up of a mayor and four councillors. Incorporated as a village in 1966, Blackville has a population of 958 and has had a long history related to forestry and salmon fishing.

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