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Staying strong this Easter weekend – A statement from the Commanding Officer of the New Brunswick RCMP

A statement from A/Commr. Larry Tremblay M.O.M., New Brunswick RCMP Commanding Officer:

For many of us, the coming long weekend is amplifying the feeling that things right now are anything but normal. There are many traditions that simply aren’t possible this year – no family gatherings with people outside your own household – no social gatherings of any kind, even outdoors. It’s hard to feel like it’s a holiday when so many are working from home, kids are not in school or daycare, and even getting everyday groceries seems like a difficult and potentially dangerous task.

New Brunswickers know how to make the most of challenging situations. We know we can connect with friends and family by phone or computer even if we can’t have them over for Easter dinner. We know that staying close to home, physical distancing from those not in our households, and avoiding unnecessary exposure to COVID-19 is protecting ourselves, the people we love, and our communities. I’m urging you all to take that message to heart as we head into the long weekend.

The hardest part this week will be to say no to family dinners, or to tell your loved ones they can’t come over. It’s not easy to turn down invitations to outing such as ATV rides, or to stay close to home on a long weekend after being stuck in your house for weeks. But these are the steps we need to take right now. These are the steps that will keep people safe.

The New Brunswick RCMP is continuing to work with our communities – education and collaboration are our primary tools, and most people are listening when we have those conversations. We will continue to resort to tickets and other enforcement measures if people are not obeying the directives aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19.

I continue to applaud and thank everyone on the frontline of this challenge, from our healthcare workers and first responders to those working in grocery stores, daycares and other essential services. I especially want to commend our telecommunicators who are answering 911 calls. These people are the lifeline for New Brunswickers in emergencies, and provide vital communications to ensure first responders stay safe. That is why it is absolutely essential for 911 to be called for emergencies only.

There is uncertainty with not knowing how long this will last and there are questions on everyone’s mind. If you have questions or concerns related to COVID-19, please call the Government of New Brunswick at 1-844-462-8387, or go to

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

A/Commr. Larry Tremblay M.O.M.

New Brunswick RCMP Commanding Officer


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Village of Blackville

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