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Washing & Handling Food During COVID-19 Pandemic

It is not clear how much of a role produce and food packaging plays in transmitting the virus that causes COVID-19. Research is still ongoing to determine how long the virus can last on surfaces. If you are concerned about potential contamination on your groceries, you can take additional steps to protect yourself:

  • Some people may want to wipe down cans with an approved disinfectant and throw away disposable packaging.
  • Fruit and vegetables should be washed thoroughly. (If you intend to use a mild detergent, ensure it is completely and thoroughly rinsed)
  • When you are done unpacking groceries, wash any tables, countertops or other surfaces that were touched by grocery bags.
  • Cloth bags can be laundered and reusable plastic bags can also be wiped down.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after completing these steps.

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Village of Blackville

Village of Blackville

The village of Blackville is governed by an elected council made up of a mayor and four councillors. Incorporated as a village in 1966, Blackville has a population of 958 and has had a long history related to forestry and salmon fishing.

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